second try at Vogue 1234, pattern by Sandra Betzina. Butterick 5232

coverIn August of 2012, I made my first attempt at this pattern. It has become a favorite in my wardrobe and I have received many compliments on it. I LOVE the skirt; it is so elegant with the “droops in the fabric” and the triangular shaped center parts. The only thing that bothered me was the short sleeves. Because I tend to get cool, I wanted to make a long sleeved, turtleneck Version. This has been in my head for a long time and finally I got around to it.IMG_7014 The first time I made this dress, I discovered it was too long. After shortening it, I had no split left and ended up making a casing in the bottom that I put elastic through. This has actually worked well, but this time I wanted to do it right. I shortened the skirt part of the pattern by about 10 cm (4 inches). There is no explanation in the pattern of how this “should be done”, but I subtracted 5 cm (2 inch) in two Places on the skirt panels.IMG_7272

I am very happy with the results. What a comfortable way to dress up!!! 06.04I also made a wool jacket using Butterick 5232. This is a great combination for my freezing body!IMG_7251


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New Look 6027


This is really a tunic pattern, but I lengthened it and made my daughter’s friend a dress.cover skisse D

I really like this pattern because it is so versatile. You can use your imagination and make all sorts of creative stuff in the center top yoke part.

First, I made a sample Version. A muslin from a cream Cotton. Dina's kjole2I decorated it with pin tucks that I made before cutting the pattern piece. I prefer doing it this way because it gives me more freedom, it is easier and I think I get a better result this way. I finished of the muslin with a ruffe and it looks  cute. IMG_0910I think it will be wearable as a summer dress, although I also discovered that the neckline in the pattern is a bit too low.

But oh well. That is the purpose of a muslin. In the final Version, I was able to raise the neckline. Making it a bit more practical to use. Here it is before it was finnished. Dina's kjole3Dina's kjole1

I also experimented With a small ruffle on the sleeves, but decided it was a “bit too much”.IMG_0913 Simplicity is often best. Dina 5


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burda 7834, tunic top, project for craftsy class

I picked up this pattern a while ago. I thought it had a very nice shape. I finally got around to making it. cover

I chose to use it as a project for the craftsy classes “Custom Fitting: Back, Neck, and Shoulders” and “Adjust the Bust” by Kathleen Cheetham.

These are two classes I would recommend to any sewer. I have taken a lot of craftsy classes. They have been inspiring and informative, but I think these are the classes that have helped me the most understanding how to make changes to a pattern. I am very happy with them.

Working with this project the class “Custom Fitting: Back, Neck, and Shoulders”    helped me adjust the shoulder area correctly and shorten the bodice. While   “Adjust the Bust”  really is helpful understanding how to place and work with darts.  here I am in my outfit. I am on my way to the fabric store :-)!panserrype

Here you can see what changes I made to the pattern. After finishing the top I discovered I need to make changes to the bust dart. I tried to make the change, but I had some difficulty. I have asked Kathleen Cheetham if she has any suggestions how I should solve it. endringer

I tried making a slanted dart (a bit diagonal), but of course the dart legs ended up having different lengths, causing problems. If I just place a new dart with the same angle and shape next to this one it will not point at the bust point. So I am wondering if I can change it totally? I hope Kathleen Cheetham has a good sugestion. I want to make this change before trying to make a second version.

Beside this I am very happy with the fit. Luckily the print in the fabric is busy enough to camouflage the “problem”.side

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Clover double tracing wheel, useful sewing gadget

When my youngest daughter returned home after a nice long summer with my family in Wisconsin she brought me some “fun sewing things” :-). Of course I ordered “stuff” from the internet; I had to make use of her luggage space! Didn’t I?

As tempting as it was I didn’t “go overboard” ordering all sorts of stuff this time. I tried to be selective and got what I thought  I really wanted. Still, there were a few items that were in the “gray zone”. Things I thought might be useful, but I wasn’t quite sure. The clover double tracing wheel was in this category. After adding and subtracting it from my shopping cart a few times I ended up getting it anyway and am I glad!!!clover double tracingwheel

Today I am preparing to sew something from the book “Shape Shape 2 (by Natsuno Hiraiwa)”, and this really saved me a lot of time. You need to add the seam allowance to the pattern pieces in this book. The double tracing wheel made the job so easy. The distance between the wheels are adjustable (varying between 10-30 mm/0.4-1,2 inches). With tracing paper and this “gadget” adding an accurate seam allowance was a breeze! What makes a seamstress happier than a very useful gadget? I feel happy! :-) :-) :-)shapeshape2

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A weekend trip to Bergen. Vogue 8648, Kwik Sew 2993, Cotour dress, wool jacket

BergenLast night my husband and I returned home from a weekend trip to Bergen. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. It is “sea port” town. Traditionally life has been centered on trade and the ocean. It is surrounded by lots of mountains, a very scenic area.

I don’t think many people carry a sewing machine and serger when they go to a hotel. I got some interested glances as I carried my “equipment” to our room.

forranI brought a couple of outfits I have been working with for my son’s girlfriend. She is always cold, so I knitted some wool yarn on my knitting machine and used my hoodie pattern Kwik Sew 2993Kwik Sew 2993 and sewed her  a nice warm,  underlined wool  jacket for winter. sidefor

The second project was Vogue 8648   , my project for the craftsy class “The Couture Dress”.  easy options coverYou might remember I have had some problems with this dress. See my earlier post (listed bellow).  After watching another course “Adjust the Bust” by  Kathleen Cheetham,  I realized what my mistake was. I had shifted the bust point of the pattern by moving the seam of the center front too far in. I took the seam apart, moved it out and, IT SOLVED MY PROBLEM”.  I am so happy, because I am now ready to add the silk lining.side

forranbakHere are the links to my preveous posts about my “dress and jacket” project for my sons girlfriend:

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A aneversary gift ?? Tefal pro express turbo

Look at what my husband got me. jernMy old iron wasnt holding up any longer. Didn’t keep heat well enough and the steam,- it was getting pretty bad. I was so Happy when this arrived in the mail some days ago :-) Could a sewer be happier???

It is our 24 th wedding anniversary today. I choose to believe it is a anniversary gift, even though it probably wasn’t intentional. He doesn’t bring much flowers or anything, but in everyday life he is pretty generous towards me. That counts for more than a thousand flours :-) Thank you!!!

Look at that baby go!!! The steam generator is fantastic, and I don’t need to refill the water tank all the time any more!damp

And look it can even double as a “ham holder”!!!IMG_5579

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Kwik Sew 2100 and Kwik Sew3301, A very late “panty parade”

About 6 months ago “sew exhausted” challenged us to make panties. I did sign up for this but never completed. Well, that is I started but never got very far until lately. I have now made a total of 15 panties. Here you see 13 of them.oppvisning

My favorite panties pattern is Kwik Sew 2100cover

I like it because of the way the crotch is sewn. The lining is nicely sewn into the pattern pieces. brett over sy

Kwik sew 3301 is also nice, but in this version the crotch is sewn onto the finished insides of the panties. coverI like the look of the first one the best, but they both have a nice fit.

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