Dog pantie and diaper.

Meat Maja. She is a seven-month-old mix of Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier. My oldest son and daughter in law are her “parents” and I am lucky enough to be her “granny” :-)

Sovende maja

Maja loves to play with her ball. This Christmas we watched her while my son and daughter in law visited the Philippines. One morning I woke up, she had crawled under my blankets and was making a noise that was gradually bothering me. She had her ball, a squeaking ball…. In her mouth. I took it away from her and hid it. However, with her excellent smell she soon found my “not so good” hiding place. I ended up taking it away again and putting it out of reach. She was driving me crazy with the ball and I wanted to wake up in peace!!!

Despite her intense love for this object (the ball), Maja is quite adorable.

She went into “heat” for the first time about a week ago and I made her panties and diapers.


The pantie pattern was a free download from . I really like them, but I had to make several changes to the pattern. I found that it is important to place the elastic at the narrows part of the dog. This for Maja is right above her tail. So there was no room for ruffles at the top.


to truser

The panties are light and comfortable but, the “crafty” little Maja, takes it of during the night. So today I made her some very sturdy Dog Diapers.  I got the pattern at

 mønster craftsy  I used a wide velcro instead of the narrow kind and made ajustments to the pattern, f.example I made the diaper wider on the tail side and added elastic above the tail so it would  hug the body. This is meant to STAY ON, even though the little MISS does not agree.

stå og dansesideforfrabak

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sewing zipper With beading foot. sew zipper

Lately I have used my lagre beading foot when adding zippers. It lays so Nice and flat over my zipper teeth. I moove the needle position right or left  to suit my needs :-). Works wonderfully :-)glidelås

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Love Notion: Ladies Trendy Tunic

LadiesTrendyTunicThe last couple of weeks I have spent at my cabin. I have sewing with knits only. Made several versions of “The Ladies Trendy Tunic” (found the pattern on Craftsy) and a couple of hoodies for my son.

When I saw this tunic pattern I fell in love with it right away. It was something I would enjoy wearing. Stylish, yet VERY comfortable.

My three first versions are made from a stretch cotton velour. It is SO nice and soft. I love the feel of it.  In the last two tunics I used French Terry Knit. I like topstitching and the Coverpro CPX 1000 is a great friend in projects like this. I made a decorative cover seam in the center front and back panels.


IMG_8305When I started working on the first version I trusted the size chart. Wow, I should have measured the pattern with a measuring tape in stead (like the fitting classes teach), but I was to lazy, just hoped it would be correct. Look at this, it is totally HUGE.

I made a size small on top and extra small over the hip. Now I have worked on getting the perfect fit. There are small differences in the different versions, as I tried to find what was right for me. As far as I remember I have reduced my original pattern with at least 12 cm ((4.8 inches) from both front and back sections. I tried to keep most of my changes here, so I didn’t interfere too much with the side pockets. In addition I “tweaked” a little here and there.


Now dont be scared by this first version. It turned out better as I worked with it.

This is my second attempt at the pattern. It is my shortest version. At first I didn’t like it so much, but it is growing on me.  My husband likes this one.IMG_8353


Tunic number 3 is  gray. I bought the fabric thinking it would make the perfect tunic.. But as I worked with it I took in a little too much under the arms. In the end I added a little fabric in this area,, mending my mistakes. Yes, I can wear it and it is comfortable, but I don’t think it ended up being as perfect as I planned. IMG_8345IMG_8341
Finallly my last two tunics i French Terry knit. I bought this fabric in the LA California fashion district as my husband and I visited this summer.






After working with these tunics I still love the pattern. I will definetly use it again. But I would recomend measuring the bust, hip and waist areas of the pattern pieces and letting that guide you as you size your pattern.

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Lekala 4119. t-shirt. Getting ready for summer.

I am busy making summer clothes for my upcoming trip to the states. On 16 July, my husband and I are flying to LA CaliforniaJ. I am So much looking forward to this. It is our 25th wedding anniversary and this is our way of celebrating.

Ordering fabric over the internet can be “interesting”. When I received this IT jersey print, I wondered to myself if I could ever find a decent project for it. Something that would help me love it, even just a little?spraglete stoff
I have always preferred fabric that can make me feel calm and serene. Of course, I like a little touch of excitement, but This was a little too “exciting”. Just look at it, wouldn’t it spin your head?

line drawcoverLekala 4119 is a easy sewing pattern with only 3 parts. Front, back and waistband. I just finished constructing the pleated skirt for my Craftsy class and felt ready for an easy project. When I rummaged through my light jersey fabrics I felt the “gaudy”, “awful” fabric cry for me to “give it a chance”! OK, I would use it for the trial Version.

spraglet forranspraglet sideIt actually looks better as a top then when it was a “piece of fabric”. Still a little on the “wild side”, but maybe it is good for a sunny day?

I made two pink versions that I could wear with my skirt and one striped. I really like the pattern and will use it again.lysrosa sideforrangammelrosa forran gammelrosa bak

Sewing instructions are available for some of the lekala patterns at, but I prefer to solve the Puzzle on my own. This one was very simple, but I decided I would share how I have done it in an upcoming post.

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McCall’s 6563 and Lekala 4119

McCalls 6563 covercover

I LOVE and Hate going to the fabric store. I LOVE everything there, but I can’t seem to leave there without buying some more fabric. I have SO much to sew already, but the temptation is unbearable some times (too often :-/).
I should have photographed just the fabric before washing and cutting it up. But, I was so eager to make something out of this “jewel” I didn’t have time for that!
Look at that print. Can you tell what it is supposed to resemble??? I told my daughter that it was lots of buildings, a city. But she said it was just abstract and really wasn’t anything!!! What do you think?side
bak2After making something for my children and they put it on for the first time I sit and stare at them. I am sure they get tired of my glare. My daughter tells me to stop “stalking” her, whatever that is supposed to mean. But I can’t help myself. My child and my creation, can it get any better?
Me “gaaaazing” sittende1
What are you looking at??sittende2


This make is a mix of McCall’s 6563  view D and Lekala 4119. The top is Lekala and the bottom McCalls. I have recently made lots of the Lekala pattern will shortly review them. My daughter looks best in long tops, so I “concocted” this for her.mønsterforran mønsterbak

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craftsy patternmaking basics, the skirt sloper. knife pleated skirt. self drafted skirt. summer skirt. A line skirt with knife pleats.

linjetegning knifepleat skirtI have finally made my first project for the “patternmaking basics” class with Suzy Furrer at The class is very technical and informative. Maybe not for a total beginner, but very nice for those who want to develop their understanding for patterns and pattern drafting. I am really not that much into pattern drafting, but I do want good results with the things that I sew. I have finally understood that to get good results with sewing patterns it is a big plus to understand them and their construction. So, here I am, working myself SLOWLY through the theory part. Resisting and seeking knowledge at the same time….. :-) :-/

Rose petals for summer! I LOVE Comfort and to be able to move in my clothes, so I had to try out these Pleats.forran


Of course I had to add some Pockets. This time I inserted simple “bag Pockets” in  the sides.lommer


And then there were some Close ups of the skirt itself :-) forran gulv


I made a pink facing and finnished the other seams With the serger.inni



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sewing pockets on burdastyle wrap top

rosa lomme ferdig2

In my last post, I showed the two BurdaStyle “wrap tank tops” that I made.  cathrineforran Heresidekirke I will give a brief summary about how I sewed the Pockets. Because my fabric wasn’t the “thinnest linen”, I didnt want to use welt strips ( I was afraid that I would add too much bulk in this area).

I do not know if the method I used is any easier than the one described in the directions. To get a good result accuracy, ironing and using good judgment along the way is important.

The pocket pieces I cut larger then described in the pattern. I think I get a better result if I do it this way, because it allows me to adjust the pockets as they get a little skewed in the sewing process. Then I can give them a clean finish in the end.

In general, I used the same idea as is used in the “easy welt pockets”. By searching the net, you can find many descriptions of this method. The pocket bags are used in place of the welt strips (eliminating one layer of fabric). Because the flap would cover this area, I didn’t make a “welt type” pocket finishing.

To keep everything straight I traced the seam lines and thread basted them (to keep them visible from both sides of the fabric and to make sure they did not fade as I worked). I did not cut until I had added the pocket flap and the top pocket piece.thread bastingthreadbasting2

  1. I interfaced the pocket area
  2. Sewed the dart
  3. Placed the flap on the seam line and basted it Down.welt pocket placement 211
  4. Right sides of fabric together, I placed the top Pocke (bottom of Pocket bag facing up) on top of the basted flap and sewed along the seam line through both layers.
  5. Now I slashed bellow the top pocket and flap seam line and added the bottom pocket on the “bottom pocket seam line”.lommer
  6. After the pockets were sewn I pressed them to the inside sewed, them both to each other, to bottom and front of the tank. Eventually the bias tape I used to finish the edges of the top would cover these outer seams.The pressing down of the pocket is very important. First, I basted my pocket bags down to make sure the pockets and the fabric in the top draped well together. Ironing and looking at my “project” from the outside until they both looked good. When I was satisfied, I sewed them into the seam allowance.

Here you see the inside of the pink top after it was finnished:inni lommarosa lomme ferdig1



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