simplicity 1799, a dress for my daughter in law

coverillustrasjon 2


I finally finnished a dress for my daughter in Law. I used simplicity 1799 view A and I am happy With the results :-) Look at this great girl!!




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simplicity 1799, making a muslin

Quite a while back, I started making my daughter in Law a dress. My plan was to make her a dress and matching jacket. Well, somehow I lost the dress just before it was finished and the Project sort of was “forgotten”. (I have no idea where it went to. Maybe it got lost on my trip to Bergen back then, how do you loose a dress?).

Until today :-) I spent the day making a muslin of simplicity 1799.


illustrasjon 2

I have had this pattern for a long time and finally; I have rediscovered why I bought it. It has great design lines and wonderful details. I am actually making a Version of view A right now, but I can see endless possibilities With this pattern. Can you imagine a nice silk vesion of view B?

Here is my wonderful daughter in Law testing her “mock up  dress” :-)

prøvekjole1prøvekjole side

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My self made souvenir from Vikersund. Boiled wool jacket. Felted wool jacket. Kwik Sew 2993

“Da, da” ! Here it is. My very own souvenir “from the “Vikersund sewing shop”! (See my last post ).


I bought this fabric from that shop. I fell in love with the quality of the fabric. Even though it is a felted wool, there is also stretch in it. Not the bulkiest wool and even though I prewashed it, the fabric did not seem to shrink much.

I did not use the same pattern as was used on the jackets in the sewing shop. I prefer raglan or set in sleeves and I already have enough such patterns at home. So, I used my “beloved «and well used Kwik Sew 2993 “hoodie” pattern.


I have omitted any collar or neckband, only using a facing. Because I wanted to have a button up jacket I one inch /2.5 cm to the center front of the pattern.

In general, I have tried to make my jacket in the same type of style as the ones in the sewing shop. That means making things as simple as possible and leaving edges unfinished, because wool like this does not unravel.

You can see that simplicity in all the edges of the jacket. That means along the front and back facing,


the Pockets


along the peplum. The peplum is cut as a strip using my rotary cutter and pleated in place after the jacket was” fitted”.


Here is the center back of the peplum. It is placed flat on the edge of the jacket and sewn flat in placel

The layers between all facings are interfaced though. Otherwise, the wool would stretch out of shape and there would not be enough stability for buttonholes and buttons. The edges that have interfacing have rows of topstitching to keep everything in Place.


The sleeves are not “hemmed” or have any facing.


I LOVE this jacket, because it is so Nice and soft. The fabric has good stretch. I can even turn up my sleeves without it feeling bulky.


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A small sewing shop in Vikersund, Norway. sewing inspiration


In February, this year I visited a small town on the southwestern part of Norway called Vikersund. This is a cozy little town with a population of a little less than 3000 people. One of their main attractions was their ski jump, which at present is the largest ski jump and the only ski jump made for “ski flying” in Norway.hopp

While I was there I enjoyed walking through their small shopping street, studying clothes on display and to my great joy, there was a very small sewing shop there.

Of course, I had to go into that store. In the back sat a woman at a sewing machine and I started studying things she had made. It is so much fun to look at things on display, gathering inspiration and enjoy her work.


The woman running the store was very pleasant as she shared some of her work with me. I had to take out my cell phone and take some Pictures.

She told me that she arranged sewing classes where they made wool-felted jackets.


It was fun to see how she worked draping fabric over her dress form and then sewing them together into arrangements that pleased her eye.DSC_0060

Of course, I had to buy my own bit of fabric from her so I could make myself a souvenir when I got back home. You can see what I made in my Next post :-)

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Skirt from leftovers. from Dress with Petticoat 09/2014 #111 from burdastyle

after finishing my second edition of Dress with Petticoat 09/2014 #111 from burdastyle , I had a Nice sized leftover fabric. I Guess I am not so good at estimating fabric so my stash pile just seems to get larger all the time. I wanted to use this fabric right away and decided I would take the skirt part of the dress pattern and just convert it into a skirt. In the back I have a invisible zipper and the waist I quickly finished with some bias tape  I made from the fabric. I already knew it would fit and “Walla” a New skirt was born.


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Dress with Petticoat 09/2014 #111 from burdastyle – Version 2

After working so hard getting this pattern right, I had to use it again, and made a second dress.IMG_1221

Standing outside With just a dress is a bit on the Cold side. But getting good Pictures is a priority, especially when we didn’t bring a good camera,  cell phone quality will have to do. Here’s my “gal” round 2 :-).


Of course assembling it took much less time this second round. The photos are at our cabin. It is Easter time and we have enjoyed spending some time together here. Wonderful weather and the Peace of nature around us. Fantastic. It definable is sewing time for Me.

IMG_1226IMG_1233Finally inside!!!  This feels much better!!!


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: Dress with Petticoat 09/2014 #111 from burdastyle

skisse16.03I am finished!!!! The last couple of weeks I have worked on this dress. I made all the parts except the belt.  The petticoat was finished today and my daughter and I are both very happy with the results.

IMG_8979 IMG_8914

In this photo you can see a tiny bit of the petticoat. My daughter loves drama and happily poses for her photoes!

I ended up sewing the cuffsto the dress. Because I placed the zipper in the center back I sewed half of the collar to the dress and the other half has snaps on it.

I shortened the sleeves, the skirt length and the center front slit. But in general I really like the shape of this dress.

IMG_8955  IMG_8975

Adjusting the fit over the bust was my greatest Challenge With this pattern. My daughter is an A cup, so I had to do something there. You can read about that in my previous post

I made my own Version of the petticoat. It needed to be much Shorter then the pattern indicates to fit the length of her dress. It is built on the general pattern instructions though. If I did it again, I would use even less fabric in the very top part. I dont like bulk in the tummy area. Still it Works well. IMG_8983

This coming Sunday my daughter is off to her Easter youth retreat with the youth in Our Church. Now she is ready for the party on the last night of the retreat. She is looking forward to this very much. Being a Young woman looking and feeling pretty is so important.


And me, I couldn’t be more proud of my wonderful Young “lady”! She has her own style and lets me know exactly what the garment needs to look like. But this is great, because I want her to feel good about what she is wearing.  :-)

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