Just beginning!!!

I have never before tried to write in a blog. So, this is a new experience.

I spend much of my days sewing. This is therapy for me. It gives me energy and satisfaction. Mostly I sew clothes, with the ocational other type of project.  I am not a person to make things that cannot be used. I like practical things that are user friendly. So, I put a lot of emphasis on preshrinking materials. Treat them a little rough before I sew, rather than have them loose shape later on.

I will add photos of my projects later.

I have bough most of my patterns at sewingpatterns.com. I load them down on my computer, either use them as they are, or make changes to them. I find that I am not always satisfied with the instructions in many patterns, and I also think that many garments are a  little on the boring side. So, I like to improvise. Up until now, I have stayed with finished patterns, and just used my common sense when I have played with them. But, now I have reached the point when I want to learn more. I  have purchased books on pattern design, sewing with spandex and sewing for plus size people.

I am not a plus size person myself. I guess I am a size small, or something like that. but someone I care about is plus size. She has a difficult time finding clothes that fit, so I have made it my project recently to help her. For now, I am still struggling to find things that will bring out the best in her. But, I am hoping to learn more, and will document some of that here.

Another thing I would like to write about is the patterns I work on. I suspect that I am not the only person who sometimes can have a hard time understanding certain instructions in the patterns. I find this especially true for the pattern brand named loretti or lekala. Their sewing instruction part is the worst I have ever seen. They have a written instruction part, that I find hard to follow, and there is nothing on the pattern parts in English, actually telling you what they are supposed to be or any drawn immages with clues. They are in some foreign language; I am wondering maybe Russian or something? I myself live in Norway and the language is totally unknown to me.  Anyway,- I will write something about the patterns I use, hoping, that maybe it will be a help also to someone else. Despite this fact, I actually like the patterns. This is because they have a lot of fun design, that I don’t feel I am finding other places. If you can only crack the code of what is what and how the parts go together, they have a lot of wonderful stuff.

I am not claiming to be any form of expert, so I hope that other sewers will use their own heads and think about the solutions they choose, please do not blame me for bad results. But I would like to be of help if I can. Maybe,- if we put our heads together, all of us can get better results.

About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Just beginning!!!

  1. Marianne says:

    Dearest Kristin! – I’m in awe! – You’re a sewing wizard like my grandmother used to be! – It’s been so much fun looking at all the pictures of your family modeling most of your wonderful creations. Today, your sister here in Stoughton, WI, was wearing the yellow/green hoody with purple trim, and it looked so cozy and pretty and fit her as well as the brown hoody, you made for her and wore yourself, when we visited you. Fun to read about Hannah’s little hand-me-down sweatshirt, which you gave a second chance at life with the pom-pom and kitty decorations and a new zipper. Yes, it made it back to the USA from Stavanger via Denmark! – It’s definitely and extra special sweatshirt! – Much love,
    Marianne / Mianne 🙂

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