Loretti 5063



February 24th

Today the dress I am working on is really just a very simple prince’s seam dress. It has long sleeves and is very modest.  Even though there is something uncomplicated about it, it still gives enough excitement to make it worth sewing.

Below I have put in a photo of the pattern pieces. I promised earlier on to describe the Loretti patterns I work with. This is because the instructions are really bad. But this dress is so simple, that I don’t think most people will have a problem. Still, I will list the pattern pieces.

  1. Center front cut 1
  2. Center back cut 2
  3. side front (the one that sais “bokovaya chast polochki”) cut 2
  4. side back
  5. necklining in back cut two from your material and two from facing.
  6. Sleve cut 2
  7. front necline. Cut two from material and two from facing.

I have bought the pattern as a download from sewingpatterns.com . It would probably be wisest just to make it in one color, or at least not in a plad like I have used if you are not experienced. I am sure that you will get a good result.

I have chosen to use a cotton plaid material. I do not have a fabric store close by where I live, so I have to order my material on line or travel at least five hours by car to shop. This is why I always stock up on material. I shop without necessarily knowing what I will use the material for. Sometimes I really don’t have enough material for the project either. Then I must improvise.

Today is one of those days. I got a feeling in my gut, that this material would look very good in the shape of this dress. I can imagine making a tulle slip to go under it, making the skirt stand out, just the way it does on the drawing from my pattern.

I saw a top the other day in a magazine. It was made in a plaid material, but the side parts were cut at an angle on the fabric-grain. I liked this. It gave the garment a little “extra”. I wanted to do the same.

So, I put my pattern together, prewashed the material and ironed it. But I really did not have plenty of fabric. I had about 2 meters ( about 2.2 yards). It seems that I should at least have had 3 meters to give me some comfort in placing my pattern pieces. I contemplated making it very straight up and down. Thought maybe the other version was not possible. But, knowing me, I had to do it anyway.

To stretch the fabric, I cut the side panels of the dress in two at the waistline (I then added seam allowance). Then I continued to cut the side parts at an angle. All along, I could hear my inner voice telling me I was being a little bad. My sewing books emphasize how important it is to cut the fabric with the grain line in the right direction.  But I really wanted to do this, so I did anyway. Thinking that since the center pieces of the dress was in the right direction that it would compensate for the mischief I was up to? With the side panels going at an angle towards each other, I also figure that they will pull each other down.

Still, my heart is in my throat and I am holding my breath as I place my pieces.  Have I thought enough about how I cut the fabric? Will I be able to make the stripes in the material come together well enough to create a sense of harmony?

I work slowly and try to use my head. I use a glass shelf that belongs to my closet to help me cut the different side pieces at the same angle.  After placing the pieces together on the floor I mark each part as if I was working with a patch work quilt. Numbering them in the sequence I wanted them.

Sewing the parts together was exciting and a little scary. “Try not to make any mistakes now” were the words in my thoughts. As the peaces came together I was actually able to make the plaid pattern meat up well enough to give a appearance I could like. Uh…. I can feel a sigh of relief. It looks ok!!!

Yes, I put a lot of work into making the pattern pieces match. But it seems like there always will be something wrong. I discovered, that while my sidepanels were really nice and that the pattern matched nicely going from one peace to an other, I had forgotten to make sure that the center front and center back had symetrical patterns going lengthwise.

I was a little disgusted with myself. But I gues I will just have to get back to that tomorrow. See if I can find a solution that will make me happy.

February 28

The dress is now finnished. I took the front part of the dress off, and patched together a new front piece, centering the vertical stripes. 

I did struggle a bit with it. I didn’t have enough material, so I had to patch things together and make it look like one piece. But in the end, I got the front right. After fitting the dress to my daughter I proceeded sewing the sleeves on…. But, it just wasn’t right. Took the sleeves of and decided to go without them. So now, we have a nice summer dress. My daughter is happy.

She says that she likes summer dresses like this.

Well, I had pictured this dress with a tule skirt underneath and a nice tule scarf around the neck. It did not quite turn out that way. Yet, I cannot say that I am not pleased.

I made a necklace from fabric to match it. I will write about that in my next article.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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3 Responses to Loretti 5063

  1. SittingBull says:

    Nice dress ! whish you luck, it seems like much work afterall ! 😉

  2. helenkosings says:

    I’m very impressed! That isn’t easy to do and come up with something that looks nice. I just found the Loretti patterns and have ordered a couple of the CDs. They look pretty interesting.

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