Fun T-shirt collar


I saw a T-shirt that was just so cool. It had a “patch work trim” arround the neck. I just had to try making it.


But first, I needed a suitable T-shirt.  I took 3 sun tops and an old top my son had grown out of, and started constructing them together. I did it very simple. Two sun tops and a “slice” of my sons top became the bodice. I sewed a seam along the top, making it look like a “bag”. Then I cut holes for the sleeves and the neck. I sewed trim around the neckline and let the third sun top become sleeves.  Of course I also made adjustments along the way, adding darts and seams, giving it a better shape.  Now I was ready for the fun part, the neck 🙂

The trimming I wanted to make is made up of little squares 7×7 cm (2 and 3/4 inches).



They are folded corner to corner, forming a triangle, and then folded again to make a second triangle. You now have two sides with nice edges, and a third with the raw edge visible.


Look at the triangle, and notice, that one of the sides with a nice edge opens up. Slip the corner of a other triangle in here, so that one triangle is placed inside of the other. The  raw edges now form a straight line.


Place the “raw edge” under the sewing machine and sew. Add as many triangles as you need to go around your neckline.



Of course, I should not have finished the neckline of my shirt before the trim was sewn in place. If you are making your own shirt, consider being wiser than me. Sew your trimming on, then finish the neckline. That way your seam will be hidden in a simple manner and you save yourself some work.

If you have chosen a readymade T-shirt, you can do it this way.

First I folded the right side of my trimming up towards the opening of the neck line. I then basted the raw edge of the trim to the seam around the neck, making sure that the seams from the neckline and the trimming matched. 

After you have connected your triangles where they meet at center back, sew the seam on your machine.  

Then fold the trimming over the raw edge and sew it in place.



To finish my top, I have appliquéd two hearts, one a little smaller than the other at the center chest area.  They are placed on top of each other, and sewn, while a printer paper was pinned to the back of my top, stabilizing the material as I sewed. Afterwards I tore the paper away around my seam in the back. As a finishing touch, I added a strand of beads between the two hearts, creating a contrast.

This is a fun neck trim, that I imagine using in other projects. It is such a delight to learn something new. To me, doing the same all the time, just becomes too boring. Taking one tecnique and letting it lead me into new ways of doing things, is my reward.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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