Simplicity 2377, dress- F


Yesterday I had a fun package arrive in the mail. It contained some very sweet pink material and a note from my sister in law. My 6 year old niece had gone with her to the fabric store and she just fell in love with this material. This little girl is so charming, because she definitely has a creative mind. She loves anything I make for her. Finding a pattern that was suitable was therefore easy.

The pattern was mostly understandable. But I struggled to understand the part in the instructions focusing on the shoulder ruffle. In the end I just found my own solution.

I tried to use my head as I was working. Thinking, that I should avoid bulk and not do anything haste. That is destroying the dress by doing something stupid, which I have done some times in the past by rushing forward.

The sleeves in this dress are really just two ruffles.  The pattern instructions say to cut one for each side and hem the bottom and sides. But, I didn’t want any raw edges showing, so I  made two for each side instead.  I sewed them right sides facing each other, then turned them out after the seams were in place. To reduce bulk, I trimmed the one side about 1cm/ a little less than 1/2 Inch (see photo).

Then I secured it by sewing a seam close to the cut edge.


I sewed the finishing around the armhole with bias, that I made from the dress fabric.



My problem was how to sew the arm ruffle to the bodice. I did not understand what the pattern meant about folding out the bias tape etc, so I just sewed a small tap of material to each side of the shoulder  parts. These I put under the side bodice and fastened it with a seam.

To the left you can see the side of the bodice part, right is the sleeve ruffle. The little piece of material I added to the sides of the ruffle is sewn under where the top arrow is pointing.




Here I am sewing the ruffle part on to the bodice.


There really isn’t a lot of material holding the sleeve ruffles on to the bodice, but that isn’t a problem, since the elastic when inserted around the neck help keep things in place. Still, I put a few stitches in the joints between bodice and ruffles after the elastic was in place.

This is what the top part of the dress looks like before the skirt and elastic around the neck are added.

All in all, an easy, fun project. My sister in law says that she never would have chosen this material, but that her daughter found it herself and told her she just had to have it. It just shows, kids have taste 🙂


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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Love it !!!

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