Embelishing T-shirt

I had a T-shirt that has been lying around the house for quite a while. It is good quality but it was baggy and a bit boring. One of my goals has been to do something about that, but I haven’t been able to figure out what.

Finally I picked up some soft green material with a tad of yellow in them. I could use that triangle- trim around the neck again. In fact, I could play on the triangular theme. Make a big triangle in the front!

So I started by shaping the T-shirts with some darts and a few seams. I didn’t have enough material for a big triangle, so I sewed my material together making the shape I wanted. I then sewed it on to my shirt. I thought to myself, that I probably should put (“vliesofix” in Norwegian), adhesive facing on the back, but I didn’t. The triangle was big. I started in the middle of it, pinned it as I put the parts together.  Finally I sewed them.


Then there was that neck trimming. Take a look at my previous entry called “Fun T-shirt collar” for descriptions on how to make the neck border. I used smaller squares for the triangles this time. They were 5cm/2 inches and I sewed it on in the same manner as I did with my last project.  

To decorate my big triangle, I made a little pig and apliquet it. I am not an artist drawer, but my experience is, that it does not have to be complicated. Many times, you just have to find the right balance in things. Use the embroidery foot when working with the embellishments.



Those  kanzashi flower seem to be part of my theme these days, so of course I had to squeze one in here as well. The pig has a flower in her air”, or behind the ear 🙂 . The petals are only 4cm/ 2/3 inch wide, so they were rather small .


See in my menu bar the link on how to make kanzashi flowers. If you are planning to make such small flowers, I think I would recommend using a very light, fine material. Otherwise they are very awkward to handle. As a decoration in the middle flower I have used a small piece of fluffy yellow material. I hand basted a small circle in the middle and pulled the thread causing it to ruffle. Pull tight and you have a small yellow ball, perfect for the flower.


I made more of the border then I needed for my neckline. I used it in the bottom of the big triangle, sewing it on in the same manner as around the neck. First, sew the border with the triangles facing up. Afterwards fold it down covering the last seam and secure it by sewing again.

Now the T-shirt is finnished.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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