Kwik Sew 3452


This is the pattern I have used the most. It is really a ladies outfit, but I have adjusted it to my husband, by straightening the curvy area around the waist. My husband is about 190cm/6foot 2inches. He is a skinny man, so this shape has been perfect for him. It is not too bulky and it is easy to color block the different pattern pieces. 

For most of these outfits I have used jersey but a couple are made from fleeze. The trimmings in bottom, cuffs and collare are rib jersey.  The jersey garnments have short zippers in the neck area, while the fleeze tops have long zippers.

These are  the garnments that my husband wears most frequently. I love this pattern, because it is so versatile.

My daughter likes her tops and jackets to be long, so I added a little length for her. I also added a hood to it. It seems like teen agers prefer “hoodies”. At least mine do.

I have made several more garnments in this shape for her, but these are the most recent.

The light blue and turcoise top is made from a teddy material in polyseter. I lined the hood with stretch chenille, making it very comfortable. The inside is lined with a thin cotton jersey. It is a very warm jacket, my daughter choses to use this on cooler days or as a outer cacket when the weather is milder.

The hood in the green top is also lined with cotton chenille. I used purple, making it a little more fun and colorful. In the front I apliqued her name, using a yellow cotton chenille.  As a trim allong the zipper on the inside I sewed a strand of the purple materrial. folded double and  pressed back over the zipper seam.  This gives the garnment a more finnished look.

Keep in mind, when you are working with very thick/bulky  materials, that the sleves are relative narrow in this pattern. If your material is very bulky, you might consider adding a little width to the sleves.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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