kwik Sew 2704

Have you ever seen “teletubbies” in real life??? About one- one and a half year ago, the big fad over here were “onesies”. They are one piece suits like the one I have posted here. Not only have they been used as leisure garments around the house, even the most “hip” teen agers were wearing them to school. Now, things have calmed down a bit, they have not disappeared, but now they are mostly worn by younger children or as comfortable recreational clothing.

No, I do not think they will totally disappear. Even I, a 42 year old grown up have taken a liking to them. After making my oldest daughter a new one, I inherited her old, slightly “shaggy” version. I use it instead of a dressing gown. It is so convenient, because I can just slip into it, and I am totally modest and warm. When my “hand me down” gets worn out, I think I will just have to make myself a new one!!!

I love “stretch chenille”! It is very comfortable and the velvety surface gives it a tad of luxury. This is the material my daughters prefer in their suits. Me, myself, the “ice cube mom”, I also like the fleece version because It is so warm. If you tend to be an easily chilled person you might consider it. My daughters get to hot, which eliminates this fabric for them.

Kwik sew 2704 is really a pajamas pattern. I have made the body part a tad longer because these suits are supposed to “sag” a little from the “bum area”. A hood and a long zipper are important features. I therefore added this in addition to four pockets.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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