The Party Dress, by Mary Adams. In combination with projects from Tomoko Nakamichi – Pattern Magic

Getting this book in the mail was like getting a bag of candy. It is so appealing and feminine.  Pink on the inside I couldn’t help studying it.

It is a guide to sewing your own party dress, there is also a pattern included.  Yes, the suggestions in the book are fun and colorful.

I have chosen to use the skirt part of the pattern, while making up a different top. You can see this sewing process in my previous three entries, all inspired by Tomoko Nakamishi.  

What girl does not like a skirt inspired by the 1950’s? It is so full and fun when you twirl around.  I made this dress for a dance being held this month (April).  In Norway the winter is so dark. There is hardly any daylight. When spring finally arrives you can just feel how the sun and light rejuvenates you. A light, colorful and flirty dress is therefore appropriate.

Here you can see how I have placed a ruffle in the bottom of the skirt, and draped it with a layer of tulle on top.

Ruffling 13 yards of ruffle is quite a job. I measured the circumference around the bottom of the dress. It was approximately 5 meters. I divided it into five areas, and did the same with the ruffle.  I had 2.6 meter of ruffle pr. 1 meter of skirt. This I found made the job easier to handle. I could concentrate on smaller areas at a time.

In the waist I have added a sash and made it from the same material as the skirt.


Here is a front and back view of the finished product.

About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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