How to make a “duvet cover” and pillow cases

Up until my last entry, there was a gap of time, when I did not post anything. I figured that much of what I was making was of no interest for others. But, I am repenting of my evil ways. I will therefore be posting some of my projects that I have neglected to publish.

Today I am presenting my new bedding. I always buy lots of cotton material that is suitable for this purpose when it is on sale. I recon I need about 5 meters (5,45 yards) per person. That covers the “duvet cover” and pillow case. I have made 6 sets, one for each person in the house. Everyone except for my youngest daughter is the same pattern. That is a “pastely” block like print, while my daughter has girls, elves and princesses on hers. On this photo (left) you can see, that I have used different materials.

Here in Norway “duvet covers” usually have tie or button closing. It is strange how difficult it can be to break away from “the way we always do things”. When sewing the baby covers for my nieces last year (see previous projects) I sewed in a zipper at the bottom instead. This was so the baby would not choke on a button. Somehow I finally realized that this was a good idea for the “bigger people” too. We might not choke on buttons, but buttons and ties fall of. Button holes get torn and all of a sudden your leg is inside of your cover, causing it to rip. Because I can buy one meter long zipper at low cost this is my new solution from now on.

Making bedding like this is easy. My duvets are 220 cm long, so I use 440 cm pr cover. I fold it double, sew the sides and put the zipper in the bottom.

The pillow cases are also pretty simple. I take the measurements of my pillow and add a little extra room on all sides. In the width direction I also add a little bit that I can fold inward, forming a pocket that helps the pillow stay in place. After sewing a rectangle, I fold this last part inward and “stay stitch” it along the seam line on top and bottom of pillow.

Last but not least I must add a very cute photo. When taking pictures of my bedding, I started to “make my bed”, only to discover that my dog was sleeping under my blanket. Here she is, I didn’t make her leave, I figured you would get the general idea of my product without the picture of my bed “all made up”.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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One Response to How to make a “duvet cover” and pillow cases

  1. Margie Allen says:

    I like the zipper idea! I got rid of my duvets because of the frustration with the bottom closings.

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