Loretti 5319- Pattern pieces

I am gathering ideas by studying my patterns. My purpose is not to sew this right now, but I am presenting the pattern pieces, hoping it might be of help to someone else as they try to understand the pattern.  I have first listed the text on the pattern, and then I have defined it in English.

It looks like one of the better Loretti patterns. I do not think I would have a hard time sewing this.

1. Verkhnaya-TsentralnayaChast-SPinki = Upper center back part, nr 1

2. Nizjnyaya-Tsentralnaya-Chast-Spinki = Lower center back part, nr 2

3.Verkhnyaya-Bokovaya-Chast-Spinki = Upper side back part, nr 3

4.Nizjnyaya-Bokovaya-Chast-Spinki = Lower side back part, nr 4

5.Nizjnii-Vorotnik  = Inner collar ( Inner and outer collar look pretty much the same, so whitch one is what, doesn’t really make much difference. I am guessing on these two, it might be opposite). Part nr. 5

6.Verkhnii- Vorotnik = Outer Collar, part nr 6

7.Verkhnyaya-Bokovaya-Chast-Polochki = Upper side front- part nr 7

8. Nizjnyaya- Bokovaya- Chast- Polochki = Lower side front part, nr 8

9. Verkhnyaya- Tsentralnaya- Chast-Polochki =Upper center front part, nr 9

10 Niznyaya- Tsentralnaya- Chast- Polochki = Lower center front part, nr 10

11. I am a little unsure what they mean by “front band”, could it be the front facing?

 12. Klapan = Flap, nr 12

13. Rukav = Sleeve, nr 13

 Meshkovina- Karmana = I would say, that this is the bag, mentioned as nr 5 under “lining”.

Here is a photo of the pattern pieces:


I wish you luck as you work with your project 🙂

I like to study different patterns, just to boost my creativity. Who knows, maybe I will use parts of this in totally different garments?



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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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