How to make curtains for ceiling window (Hvordan lage gardiner til velux takvindu)

In our house we have three ceiling windows. These provide for more space and give
plenty of light. In the bathroom we bought special curtains. They look nice but
are also very expensive and tend to come out of their “track” at times. In
other words, they are not so sturdy.

When we needed curtains for the bedrooms I made them myself. I will describe a very
simple way of doing it.

For this you will need:  material for the side of the curtain facing the room and a lining
material (I prefer white material because it will reflect the sun). You also
need a material to make a wrap for the top of the curtain. This will hold the
curtain tightly up when it is open.  How big you want this  to be, depends on your preference, but it must be long enough to fit around your curtain when it is open.

When measuring the size of your window, you need only the measurements of the window
itself. The curtain will hang on the window allowing the window to open freely,
so the size of the framing around the window area is not of interest.

The curtains will be attached to the window with “curtain wire”. The simplest way
to make the curtain is to make a hole on top and bottom corner area that will
allow the wire with entrance and exit holes.

Cut both materials the same size as your window.



Hem material   1 ½ cm (1/2 inch) top and bottom areas facing
the corners. This is preparing the holes that the wire will pass through.

Put materials right sides together, sew around.

When sewing around stop, skip over your hemmed areas and continue sewing after them.

Sew around the curtain; leaving a small area (about 20 cm/ 8 inches) so you can turn the
curtain right sides out.

After turning the curtains to the right side, sew your opening shut.

Press the curtain.

Along left and right sides sew a casing area for the wire to pass through.





Make a band, the size depends on how tight and wide you want it.

Make button hole in center bottom of band. In the other end, place a button.

Sew it to center top area of curtain, letting the larger part of the band hang behind the curtain.

Next to your band sew a metal ring. This will be attached to a hook, keeping the
curtain from sliding down.

Put small hooks in corners of window, plus where the metal ring meets the top. Pull wire
through casing and attach to window.




Now the curtain is finnisdhed.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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