Neue Mode 22577, simplicity 1927-bolero, leggings and head band.

Here I am posing in the outfit I made for my sister. Finally finished :-). this has been a project with a lot of detail and work.

In Wisconsin winters are cold. My sister likes to dress feminine, but she complains that she gets so cold. I wanted to create an outfit for her that would be feminine and warm.

In the end I ordered some wool shirting from and searched the web for a suitable pattern. I chose to try Neue Mode 22577 for a tunic. I made view C, with some modifications.

First of all I shortened it, to right above knee-length. This pattern calls for shoulder pads. I did not want shoulder pads, so I took a chunk away from the shoulder area of the pattern. In addition I made the neck a little shorter.

The wool fabric I bought is great. It has a wonderful drape and is not too thick. It does not feel like an “itchy” material, but just to be on the safe side, I fully lined the garment with cotton.  In addition I put a soft fleece on the inside of the neck. I found this made the neck area sturdier and gave it a cozy feel.

Here you can see the inside of the tunic. I think this combination of fabrics will keep her warm, what do you think :-)???

You can not have a basic garment without accessories can you? So, I used the bolero from simplicity 1927. This is really a girls pattern, but the sizing goes up to 16 years and I find that fits both mine and my sisters measurements perfectly. I have made several of these in different fabrics and I love the shape. I like to line it, that way I can eliminate visible seams. I will write a separate review where I will post some of the other boleroes and comment the sewing instructions in the pattern.

I am lucky enough to have a knitting machine. I used it to knit some legging. I crocheted the edges of them. Crocheted a heart for the bolero, added some ribbon and sequences for embellishment. Of course I also had to make a little hair accessory as a finishing touch.

I am happy with my results. but I am not so sure I would start over again with this Neue Mode pattern. It was a lot of work getting the shoulders the way I wanted them. Still I can’t complain because it also has been a learning experience. After all, the shoulders now work perfectly. They sort of have a puff without the shoulder pads.


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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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One Response to Neue Mode 22577, simplicity 1927-bolero, leggings and head band.

  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Yess indeed, i think this combinations definitly will ceep her warm if not she must must move to Florida or get a sauna 😉

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