Sy Magasin Oktober 2011

Periodically I have subscribed to a Danish owned sewing magazine called “Sy Magasin”.  One of my favorite copies is the October 2011 edition. There are so many cool children’s winter hats and outfits that I like. I have made many versions of the hats and now I wanted to try out one of the “tunic” patterns.

In these magazines there usually are no photo illustrations of the sewing process. Mostly the instructions are given by text. I am a visual learner, so for me that is always a challenge (even though I am getting better with experience 🙂 ).

I made a size 36, but I felt the top part was way too wide. I am not a tall person, so I do not suit  baggy things. I solved this by picking the neckline off, and inserting a zipper in the center back. I proceeded to make the top part more fitted. I like this much better than the original version.  Next time I use this pattern I will divide the back pieces in two and plan for a nice long zipper in the center back. I will adjust the width of the top part before adding the skirt and adjust the placement and amount of ruffling in center back and front so I get a look I like. Then I will just cut of the excess fabric in the sides.

In this pattern there are draw strings both in the neck line and in the bottom part of the tunic. I like the look this gives, but not the restrictions a non-elastic cord would give. I guess I have cheated in a way. I have used elastic instead. That way there is nothing restricting my movement. Still I like the look of the ties, so I made small ones that I just sewed on the ends, making it look like they are my draw string, but in reality they are only decoration. I tightened my elastic so I got the appearance I liked.

My decorative draw strings I made narrower than the pattern calls for. I find if they are too bulky they just do not look right. Very thin ones give a better drape and look.

I have used a wool shirting fabric. I like it. Next time I am planning on a rayon shirtin :-).


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Sy Magasin Oktober 2011

  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Very nice dress Kristin, the balloon shape of the “skirt” is quite suitable.:-)

  2. I bought my first copy ever today. You are right designs seem rather baggy. I have the same problem as you with baggy clothes.

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