stoff og stil 23006, my birthday present :-)

My sisters in law got me a fun gift for my birthday. I was told it was a gigsaw puzzle. Sure enough it was in a way. It was a sewing pattern with fabric and notions. How exciting. I was dying to start the project right away. I promised that I would post this tunic on my blog so they could see the final result, and here we are!!!!

This first pickture shows the tunic in the store catalogue

And here I am. I am actually quite pleased with it. At first the sleeves were too tight on top, sort of restraining my movement. So I cut of a little, ajusted it so I found it comfortable. One thing I really liked about this pattern was the bias strip (skråbånd) finnishing on the neckline. The bias tape was only supposed to be in the back. In the front there was a facing piece that was supposed to fold dow center front. But I think this worked well. Here are my photos of the bias tape both in front and back:

First the sholder parts were sewn to the back pieces. Then the neckline is finnished with bias tape.




Then the front part was sewn on. In the end I sewed bias tape allong this seam, folded it under and stitched.

I think this was a nice “clean” way of doing the neckline. I will definetly implement this solution in future projects.



The pattern called for buttons center back. I sewed in a zipper. Along the bottom I sewed in a “pom pom” trim.

Thank you very much for this wonderful gift.

Tusen takk, Unni, Randi og Co. 🙂 Håper dere er fornøyd med resultatet.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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4 Responses to stoff og stil 23006, my birthday present :-)

  1. Unni says:

    Så flott den vart, Kristin! Og så raskt du vart ferdig 😉 Flinke du:-)

  2. Sitting Bull says:

    You are just like some industrious ants, give them a pine needle and soon they have a whole community ! love your work 😉 have a nice evening, Kristin.

  3. Sitting Bull says:

    I am impressed!! Hilsen tone randivenn

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