Knitting machine, brother KH820. Knitted, sewn, girls dress with crocheted trim and silk chiffon flower (from Vogue 7009)

I recently attended a family birthday party. Greeting me there (among others) were two nieces (cousins) that are the same age. About three years ago I made them and their dolls matching dark pink, wool dresses. I decorated them with fluffy yarn, beads and a nice big heart on the chest. Sadly I have close up photo of this, but I found this picture from the party.   It softened my heart to see her wair it. It was so worn out, her mom said she had used it a lot and she seemed still to feel like a princess in it. So of course I vowed to make them new outfits. ( In this photo you can see both girls in the back).

With this in mind I visited a yarn factory outlet (Sandnes Ullvarefabrikk) two days ago. I found some very nice cotton & merino wool baby pink yarn. It was so soft and feminine I had to buy it. It didn’t hurt that the price was fantastic as well. I got so excited, but had a hard time deciding how much to get. In these situations I tend to get over enthusiastic and buy way too much, and of course that is what I did. Guess how many bundles I got???? If you bought a package of 20, the price was extra low. Well I picked up 4 packages!!! That is 80 bundles of yarn that weigh 50 grams each!!!!! Am I crazy????

I went home, got to work right away. Luckily I have an old knitting machine to aid me. The first day I knitted enough yarn to finish one tunic. Right now I am half way through my bundles……. I will continue until I turn most of them into “fabric”. It is a lot of work, because this machine is not automatic in any way.

When I make knitted dresses I mostly use my “knitted fabric”, the contrast stitches and trims I knit or crochet by hand. But because I am a bit lazy I don’t do this too often. Ready store-bought fabric is a bit faster. Still “making fabric” has its advantages. I can make trims and finishes using the same yarn. Everything matches perfectly.

Lately I have been in a “lacey”, feminine, pink state of mind. Can you see the similarity’s between this project and my last “pin tuck hoodie” ( Instead of the pin tucks, I crocheted a “lacey” piece for the center top of the tunic, crocheted a lace trim around it and attached it to my other “machine knitted” fabric pieces.

Vogue 7009 was source of guidance when I made the silk chiffon rose. There are different fabric flower pieces in this pattern, but I like the simple rose bud best.

I just finished knitting all my bundles of yarn. Below my daughter is “wrapped” in my “fabric”, in all  10.47 m x 60 cm 🙂 In adiation there is the “fabric” I used to make the first dress. I left 8 bundles for hand knitting and crocheting details :-). Hurray !!!!!

Here you see my butiful nieces in their dresses:



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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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3 Responses to Knitting machine, brother KH820. Knitted, sewn, girls dress with crocheted trim and silk chiffon flower (from Vogue 7009)

  1. SewOm says:

    What a fabulous dress! I love the way you used the crochet trim. And it does look really nice with the trim and the fabric all the same color. It was a lot of work, but it looks like it was worth it.

    • sewingforfun says:

      Yes I think it was worth it 🙂 I have just returned home after visiting my in law family. The girls were very happy with their dresses. I promise to post a photo of them 🙂

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