Vogue 8731, tunic / dress

Once again my sister-in-law has done it. She and her husband just spent a week in New York and brought everyone back gifts. I got a very pretty necklace with ear rings, some  white and black jersey fabric and a sewing pattern.

Vogue 8731 is a sewing pattern I already was contemplating on making. Now my sister-in-law had decided for me. I had to make it right away. So I spent a day sewing it and a few hours today making some modifications. I combined both the long and short version in the pattern by making my tunic/dress double. I left it sleeveless, because I thought it would look the best with all the polka dots.

This is a very basic and easy pattern, but some how I tend to complicate the simplest of sewing patterns. I have made ruffles along the bottom of both layers. Inside the bias tape at the neckline I put some elastic to help my soft fabric retain some shape, at the shoulder area I made a flower corsage. In addition I have made my tunic/dress a bit more “fitted”then the sewing pattern suggests.

I have never used tucks in the way this sewing pattern presents it, but I like them :-). Once again “Tusen takk Randi” for this great gift.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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7 Responses to Vogue 8731, tunic / dress

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love your interpretation of this- it’s totally different and really girly.

  2. Faye Ryan says:

    Love your interpretation! Im just about to cut this one out for my travel wardrobe to Turkey next month. But i shall have to rethink my approach to styling having seen yours…. Well done!

  3. Rose says:

    I really like both the variations you have done with this pattern.

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