Loretti 5937

I am a compulsory sewing pattern buyer. In stead of watching TV for relaxation, I tend to search the internet for new fun ideas and sewing patterns. It has been a while since I bought a Loretti pattern. But the other day I came across a couple of these patterns I “needed” to have.

I like Loretti because in many ways they are different and creative. On the down side I have bought patterns in the past that have very poor sewing instructions, I have even experienced pattern pieces missing. still, this top looked understandable enough, I took the chance. I thought that the body area would be made of jersey and the sleeves would be “set in” and made of chiffon. But Loretti surprises.

It turns out that the upper part and the sleeves all are in chiffon. It is one pattern piece. It blew me away at first, but the more I look at it, I think this will work just fine. Here are a couple of views of the pattern pieces. In the bottom version,  you can also see the fabric I will use.

As you can see, the pleats  extend into the sleeves, but (as far as I can tell) they are only stitched in the center part of the chest area.

Wow look at that neck opening. Measuring it I realized it would be an “off the shoulder” type top on my daughter. I don’t like tops this open and decided to shrink it by  5 cm (about 2 inches)  in the sides and 2 cm ( 3/4 inch) in the bottom of the neckline. The same pattern pieces are used both in the front and back.

This looked workable, but I was dreading pleating the chiffon.  I made a  pattern piece representing the pleated area and drew the lines unto my fabric. In the back of the fabric I pinned a tear away stabilizer, to hold it in place as I worked.

This is the frustrating part . I spent a lot of time drawing my “lines” unto the chiffon using a disappearing marker. I wish I had an iron on stabilizer that is water-soluble!!!  It would make me so happy now!!! Does anyone know, does it exist???

I know I can buy a water-soluble stabilizer, but I have not come over any that also is fusible.

I could not fold my “tear away stabilizer” into the pleats. I would never get them out of there after I sew them. I tried spraying an ironing starch to the top of my fabric. Thought maybe it would make the chiffon stiffer. Do you know what happened??? All the lines I had worked so hard making vanished!!!!!!!! I just could not continue.  My husband suggested I should put it away until I  have a water-soluble stabilizer in the house….. In the end I did…..

It is now on my shelf, hoping for some future assistance. In the mean time I hope I do not forget about it 🙂 I tend to do that with stuff I put away.

I went for a walk 🙂


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Loretti 5937

  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Hope it was a long walk 😉

    • sewingforfun says:

      Yes, and walks are great. I still do not have my stabelizer, but I have seen a tutorial on youtube about making a pleating board. So, all is not forgotten. I am working on making this top, at least in my head 🙂

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