Coverpro 1000CPX, Vogue 8634, patchwork sweater/ top.

My husband recently bought me a coverpro 1000cpx . This is a top stitching machine that sews with 1-3 needles.  It really just makes straight stitches, still it is great for jerseys, decorative top stitching and finishing borders. It complements the sewing machine and overlock machine that I already have.

It has been excited to use this machine, especially because I have not been happy with the job my regular sewing machine has done with twin needles in the past. Now this new tool gives me greater possibilities.

I have ordered some accessories too. I check the mail for them every day. It is just taking such a long time. I suspect it is taking so long because of customs. I ordered the parts from England, so I don’t just have to wait for the postage time, but also for it to clear customs (when it comes to Norway). The one accessory I am looking the most forward to is the binder foot.      🙂

while I am waiting for my accessories,  I eksplored the basic functions of my new machine. I searched the web for tips and information and came across a woman who also recently got a machine like mine. On her blog she showed her project that she made while  getting to know her machine. I really liked what she made and wanted to try something similar (her blog address is

As a basic shape I chose to work with Vogue 8634. I wanted to make mine with long sleeves. Fall is over us and I need warm clothes. I made my patches from old T-shirts my children have grown out of. I love the idea of wearing their “hand me downs”. It is almost like putting a bit of my children into my top. It makes me happy.

I played with the patches until I was happy with the combination. Then I  sewed  them  letting the edges overlap each other. I used regular tissue paper as a stabilizer. One sheet on the top and one under my fabric.  This worked well and was easy to tear away after basting. Then I sewed it from the wrong side with my Coverpro.

It was fun to work with, but also time-consuming. After making the front and back parts I decided  this was enough patches for me.  I was ready for a break from  and made the sleeves  and collar from new cotton jersey.  Cutting these parts without having to put “the fabric” together first was great :-). Still, I felt like I needed to tie the parts closer together.  I decided to do this by repeating the decorative seams used on the patches.

On the outer edge of the collar I sewed decorative parallel seams using embroidery thread. The sleeves I folded in half before sewing the under arm seem. Then I folded them and pressed a crease going doen the center.  I also made a decorative seam along this line.  It worked great, I love the look I got.

I am really happy with the result. A nice soft top I already have started to enjoy.

The center motif in the back of is a panther. It came from my oldest sons old T-shirt. At first I felt quite brave to incorporate this into my top, but I think it worked very well.

Over the panda I hand embroidered some text.  I love the style of “doodle stitching”, it  gives the garnment  warmth. I wrote “tekstilkompott”.  “kompott” means  something that is put together from many other components. In other words this is my concoction of different fabrics :-).


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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  1. Your version is just too cool, clever, chic, and artsy!

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