simplicity 1763

It seems like it takes me a little while some times to grasp what type of clothes my girls want. I have made so many things in the past based on what I liked. I am finally understanding what they are trying to tell me, that they want.

Both my daughters like baggy, draepable clothes. They are not cold blooded like their mom, so they prefer things that “let in a little air” J.

My youngest daughter wanted a top with a round shape. Sort of like a bat I guessJ. The closest pattern I found was simplicity 1763. This is a “learn how to sew” pattern. But that doesn’t matter, I thought it might work. It is designed for jerseys and other stretch fabrics.

My first try was using a cotton/spandex mix jersey. Pink and white, the print makes it look like lace. This appealed to my girl. I sewed it up in a day and we tried it on when she came home from school. It sort of fit, but I think the jersey fabric I used might not have a great enough degree of stretch to it. My daughter felt restrained in when she tried putting her arms over her head. To solve this problem, I separated the sleeves from the “body”. The top now had sleeves, not what the pattern intended, but I think it looks good.

Still, I was not giving up. I added a little more fullness to the front and back sleeve parts. On the outside I doubled the width, trying to keep the same measurements around the neck line and shoulder length as the original pattern.

My final result was a top with a lot more room for movement. The fabric I used this time was a more synthetic jersey. I got it in a sales -bin, and the contents were not specified. But it has great stretch and drape ability. Since it has such great stretch the top might been fine without the changes.

The first top I finished according to the pattern specifications, but the new synthetic jersey I thought looked better with a rolled hem. Because of this I omitted the band around a neck and sheared it with elastic instead.

For now none of these tops are exactly as the pattern suggests. But I think that is the fun about sewing. You can improvise as you go, suiting your wants and needs, creating a unique garment in the end.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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