Pinkie Pie plush, my little pony.

I just promised my sister in law, (in Bergen) to post this project. She was sweet to pick up the fabric for me and of course wanted some results for her efforts. So far we do not have a affordable fabric store in the area I live, but guess what!!!! I just found out that a sewing chain called “Stoff og Stil” will be opening nearby in February. Boy am I excited!!!!  (This is the same chain as in Bergen). My sister in law wont be shopping for me any longer! I can do it MYSELF!!!

I started this project because my 12 year old daughter longed for a Pinkie Pie plush. She watches all the episodes of the ponies and was very delighted when a new episode came out recently. What is a Mom to do? Of course I “needed” to make this “girl”, even though I do not sew a lot of plushies.

I searched the internet and found a template at Thanks to all creative soles who give people like me the opportunity of finding a usable pattern. I increased the size by using the computer, just up scaling it. Printing it on several pages and taping them all together. The only thing missing was her “hair”. I am not a great drawer, but I made this attempt at it and it worked.

My daughter was so happy finally to get her “Pinkie Pie”. She slept with her last night and I suspect she has taken her to school. Last night she took pictures of Pinkie Pie herself and told me that I needed to put it on my blog. She has watched her Mom and knows the photos must be from all angles!





Afterwards she put on a pretty pink dress (so she would match Pinkie Pie) and asked me to take photoes of them together.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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One Response to Pinkie Pie plush, my little pony.

  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Hold on to your hoovies, this was very similar to the real Pinky Pie !!! I’m sure your daughter loves her stuffed animal;-) and maybe she sends a grateful thought to the buyer and the seamstress:-)) it looks like she thrives on camera also!

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