Lekala 4107 part 1

Lekala 4107 snitt Forran cover

My daughter took a liking to this pattern, so I decided to make it.

It just looks so feminine and delicate 🙂

I bought my pattern from sewingpatterns.com. There were no instructions with the pattern. When I searched the internet I found an other sight that also sells this product http://www.lekala.co/dress-with-ruffled-skirt.html . They had a better front and back view of the dress. This is wonderful, because it helped me identify all the pattern pieces.

Now I will give a description of how I solve the “puzzle”. (Maybe it will help someone “out there” who might be struggling with the same dress!


In the above photo are the pattern pieces that are cut from the dress fabric. The front piece is cut on the fold of the duble fabric.

The long “skinny” pattern piece obviously are the ties for the back. Cut this piece twice, one for each side.

This pattern is fully lined. The top “bodice” front and back parts are cut four times each  (lining and bodice).

IMG_3044 I have decided to line the top part with the same fabric I am using for the dress.

The under skirt parts are smaller than the top ones this will create the”puffy” effect of the top skirt panels as they are “gathered”   gathered

to fit into the under skirt panels. I am using a polyester lining fabric for this (I think it will drape nicer with the “slippy”under fabric”).


I cut the center front lining one time, the back twice.


The back skirt panels seem to have long darts going from top to bottom. I am a little uncertain about them being “regular”darts or “dart like” pleats. I have basted them, making it easy to change if I am wrong. These pleats I ironed towards center back.

IMG_3045I basted the pleats in the bodice top front and front skirt panels. The bodice front pleats I ironed away from center front, while I placed the pleats in the front skirt panel towards the center. I am planning on removing the basting after sewing the pattern pieces together.






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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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