Simplicity 2494, “a turbine hat”?


mønstercoverAfter making a hat for my first animal print outfit I had to do the same for the other one. I have had Simplicity 2494 in the house for a long time, but I never made any of them. I was planning to make view A, but today I couldn’t find those pattern parts. They are somewhere in the house, ready to be used. In the cupboard I found view F. That was the hat I really did not plan to make. It looked a bit strange, maybe even a bit “scary”. But after looking at some sewing reviews I decided to try it. Maybe it was a little cool after all??? Now that I had conquered my “fear” of animal print textiles, it might also be good to make the “less safe” styles. I am becoming quite daring 🙂 !!!

This hat reminds me of a turbine. In a way it is perfect for the “safari spirit”. Maybe it is a snake all coiled up on my head??? The seven layers that are sewn circularly together are different widths, so they are sort of “gathered” together. The pattern pieces are also cut on the bias. All of this makes this a hat that has a bit of “puff” and I would say “good drape”. It is different to any hat I have ever made. I love it!!!IMG_3493

Maybe the next time I try this pattern I will try view C. I am developing a taste for the less “safe” versions. They are so much more fun 🙂

This pattern is made for fleece fabrics. The fabric I am using is less elastic which could be a little challenging.  The shorter and longer lengths are sewn together in the different layers in the hat. With a fleece fabric it would not be a problem to stretch the one fabric so it meets a longer “partner”.  My textile was not so willing to cooperate. Still, I managed most lengths. There was only one real problem between two of them. I could not make the shorter one stretch enough. Once again my flat swimsuit elastic was my hero. I zigzagged some of it over the longer length, stretching the elastic as I sewed. This helped shorten the “longer length”, reducing the distance I needed to stretch the shorter length across. The unwilling fabric was forced to behave the way I wanted it to and I love the result. 🙂



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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Simplicity 2494, “a turbine hat”?

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Cute hat! It does look like a coiled snake with the snakeskin pattern, lol. I also like option “a” in the pattern photos. Looks very ’20’s flapper.

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