Lekala 7097, “Leather helmet hat”

mønstercoverAs you probably can tell by my posts, I have been into the Lekala sewing patterns lately. Natalia from lekala.co has been sweet enough to translate the instructions for this hat “just for me”. Thank you Natalia 🙂

2According to the pattern, this should be a leather hat. Because I am using wool, I reckoned I would have to improvise to get the results I wanted. Still, I learned some things reading this pattern. For example it mentions using a “fabric hammer” to flatten the seam before top- stitching. I had never heard of using a hammer while sewing before, but after this I was puzzled enough that I noticed it when reading in “The Colette Sewing Handbook”. I guess that all fabrics do not “iron well”, so you need a different tool :-).  I am a little wiser now,  🙂 Thanks!

7097I sewed the two front and back panels to each other, then I added the side flaps. I didn’t understand the patterns description of how to sew the neckflap, but I  attached it where it obviously belonged, in center back.

The pocket was a puzzle to me. I have never seen a pocket solution like this, but I think it is cool.  I figured it was a type of  “bellows pocket”. I was right!!! 🙂 According to http://www.pfaff.com/global/8137_8295.html  rounded bellow pocket.it is called a “rounded bellows pocket”. It looks pretty much the same as this one. As far as I can see there are a couple of differences.

First, the back part in this pattern is dimensioned the opposite way compared to the one on this site. In this illustration the largest part of the back part is the same size as the pocket itself. In Lekala’s version it is opposite. Lekala’s “smallest” part is the same size as the pocket itself  (the other side is larger).

Second the sewing pattern only calls for one back part,  the “internet site’s” version calls for two. Still they are similar. I think it is great to find new pocket solutions. Thanks lekala. I recently bought a book about pockets and I havent seen this version anywhere, inspirational (not in my cotour books either):-).

When I was working with the pattern I haden’t seen this site yet.  I tried to solve it on my own.


lomme,syfor og hovedstoff lomme sammenrynke lommelomme sy pålomme, ovenfraafter making a lining and a wool version, sewing them together, turning them right side out and top-stitching I gathered the outer part, so it would have the same dimensions as the inner part of the pocket.  I then sewed it to the left side panel (oops, seems this is  the opposite of the pattern photo :-)) and attached the flap (covering the opening of the pocket).

The visor I simplified. I only used fusible interfacing inside it (not a “rubber mat”). sewed it directly to center front of the hat (No snaps or band covering it).

The last thing I omitted was the “straps” with “snap buttons” in the bottom of the side flaps. I didn’t needknapp forran them, the side flaps were long enough,I added a button and buttonhole to them.


Looking back on this project I see that the pocket dimensions are too big compared to the rest of the hat, because I made it first. This pocket solution intrigued me and I was ready try solving the puzzle of how to make it. Making it was fun, it gave me a little challenge.




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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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One Response to Lekala 7097, “Leather helmet hat”

  1. vivjm says:

    That is one awesome hat! Love the pockets on the side!

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