Is it “fabric lust”, or do I need this stuff??? More fabric for my “stash”.

Now that everyone is sharing about their fabric stash I must show you this.IMG_3864 IMG_3863 IMG_3865 Yes I know, you are not supposed to store too much stuff, just use what you have. But, what if you really need some fabulous ITY jersey knit and just can’t get it arround here??? I went crazy shopping at and fashion fabrics club a few months ago. These have been sitting arround my sister’s house (in Wisconsin) for a while and they finally made their way to me.  Wow am I happy with the results!

I barely had the fabric in the house and I had to use some of it. This is definitely a fabric suitable for my niece. I NEED To SEW!!!!!!

I have been so busy  lately. This coming weekend we are traveling to my father in-laws to celebrate my brother in-laws 50th birthday. Of course my girls wanted new dresses. My son’s girlfriends birthday is coming up and my son is 21 today……. So much to make and celebrate. So I have pressed that sewing machine “pedal” and am planning to do some more.

That fantastic fabric. I WANT some of it for ME TOO!!!! I need to make one more 1940’s dress, this time I think I will use a simplicity pattern. I hope to have time to finnish it before friday!!! I think I will try!


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Is it “fabric lust”, or do I need this stuff??? More fabric for my “stash”.

  1. Tee says:

    Congratulations, looks like you’ll be quite busy!

  2. sewingforfun says:

    Yes, I gues I will be 🙂 But it is oh so wonderful stuff 🙂

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