Lekala 4119


My youngest daughter is in a “purple” phase now. Dark purple is the color she will go for. It used to be pink, then red. But now… 🙂 PURPLE.

Of course I had to make something for her also (while at the cabin). Her style seems to be changing. Last year she wanted everything BAGY. Now she leans more towards a “snugger fit”. This pattern was VERY EASY. The only thing I want to comment on, is the waistband. I find that Lekala tend to make the waistband a little on the “snug” side. There is a lot of “negative ease”, so be aware before you cut. If your fabric is very stretchy, that might be ok. Otherwise adjusting this might be good before cutting.lilla forran

lilla sidelilla bakOn the “purple version”, I cut the waistband according to the pattern piece. That turned out well because this fabric has a lot of stretch (ity jersey). But it made me be cautious my second time around.




.I had left over fabric after sewing the red gingham top for myself and decided to make a second top for “my girl” :-). My “red gingham” fabric is cotton. The stretch is less than the ITY jersey. I added a little to the width of the waistband. It still has a little “negative ease”, but not much. I am happy with the result.

forranThe head band I actually made because I forgot to bring a hat to the cabin. It was so cold and windy when I went for my walks, so I had to make something to cover my ears. After I returned home, my daughter quickly “adopted” this as an accessory of her own. 🙂side


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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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