Burda 7179, 1940’s vintage dress

Cover view BskisseI only have a few more days before the end of March. That means that time almost is out for this sewing challenge, so I have worked hard the last few days getting this dress done. I actually also have a 1940’s apron I would like to make, but it will have to wait until later. Some time I will feel like making it anyway, even though I did not get arround to it now 🙂 .

The pattern instructions were good up until “point nr.6”. The seams “are numbered” on the pattern pieces and that was good because it made it much easier to follow allong. But in this point (nr.6)they talk about a seam nr. 4, and I could not find such a seam mark on the pattern pieces. So I got lost and started following my head and reasoning. Other than that I like the style and details :-).

Cotton is the prefered fabric for this pattern, but I used rayon. It is nice and soft, ready for summer!

I need to STOP making dresses for my oldest daughter (for now). She probably needs other stuff more than more dresses! Still, I thought this style was very representative for the time period I was sewing for and I had to make it.

This is a design that I could imagine my grandmother wearing. She was a very pretty woman and I know she would like it. So grandma, this one is for you!

Here you have your great-granddaughter in “your dress”:


Cathrine, my oldest daughter is named after my grandma’s mother. I think grandma would be proud of her 🙂Bakbak-høyreForranvenstre side


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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5 Responses to Burda 7179, 1940’s vintage dress

  1. sewexhausted says:

    Nicely done! ~Laurie

  2. Velosewer says:

    Those waist pleats are wonderful. Nice fabric choice too.

    • sewingforfun says:

      Yes I like the pleats too 🙂 I was a little uncertain at first before my daughter tried the dress on (I had put it on my dressform and the dressform didnt fill it out properly- the pleats didnt lay right), but when I got a my daughter to try it, she filled it out and the pleats were great.

  3. Mezmerina says:

    ditto all the above AND love the colour. Soft green, you don’t see it very often, but it’s absolutely lovely 🙂

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