Butterick 5646

coverAfter making several versions of this pattern using a very fine drape- able fabric I wanted to try a different weight. I made two versions of this one, one for my daughter and one for my sister. I liked them, but prefer the finer fabrics. They just drape so much nicer. I ended up shaping it a bit in the back because I found all the fabric hid her nice figure. Still I am happy with the result.


Lisbeth forran


When making future version I will mostly use fine tissue weight cotton, fine rayon’s and other very drape- able fabrics. I think they look the best and bring out the best in this design.

Some deviations from the pattern instructions:

I sew the arm facings  to the front and back, before sewing the front and back sides together. That way the facing automatically are a perfect fit for the armhole area. I just find I make fewer mistakes when I do it this way.armfacing

I use the pattern piece and grain line  as a guide when positioning the pocket. pcket placementI tend to get a little confused as to the exact placement. WhenI place the corner of the pocket according to the pattern marking and let it angle in the same direction as the grain line, I get a angle I like.

I copy my pattern piece so I do not wear out the origionale :-)) Then I cut holes for the pleats and use them as a guide when tracing them on the fabric.

I prefer making the front band very simple, which is one layer. I interface the band and sew them together double.

In the version though(and one other I tried out) I made the double layer collar band. They are OK, but I prefer a simple clean look with one layor. Still this version opens for the imagination. Who knows maybe I will use it in a  “fun way” in the future?


When working with very thin fabric I think it can be difficult to avoid the front bands getting a little stretched and out of shape. By the time they are interfaced some stretching occurs. I have solved this by placing interfacint on the fabric before cutting any facing pieces. This really helps maintain a good drape.



About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Butterick 5646

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I swear, i rearrange my pattern queue every time you post! I have this pattern and wearing open is revelation. To the Textile Panic Room, I need to rethink my evenings plans!

  2. sewingforfun says:

    You are wonderful. You make me smile 🙂 Hope you enjoy your textile search 🙂

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