sewing pockets on burdastyle wrap top

rosa lomme ferdig2

In my last post, I showed the two BurdaStyle “wrap tank tops” that I made.  cathrineforran Heresidekirke I will give a brief summary about how I sewed the Pockets. Because my fabric wasn’t the “thinnest linen”, I didnt want to use welt strips ( I was afraid that I would add too much bulk in this area).

I do not know if the method I used is any easier than the one described in the directions. To get a good result accuracy, ironing and using good judgment along the way is important.

The pocket pieces I cut larger then described in the pattern. I think I get a better result if I do it this way, because it allows me to adjust the pockets as they get a little skewed in the sewing process. Then I can give them a clean finish in the end.

In general, I used the same idea as is used in the “easy welt pockets”. By searching the net, you can find many descriptions of this method. The pocket bags are used in place of the welt strips (eliminating one layer of fabric). Because the flap would cover this area, I didn’t make a “welt type” pocket finishing.

To keep everything straight I traced the seam lines and thread basted them (to keep them visible from both sides of the fabric and to make sure they did not fade as I worked). I did not cut until I had added the pocket flap and the top pocket piece.thread bastingthreadbasting2

  1. I interfaced the pocket area
  2. Sewed the dart
  3. Placed the flap on the seam line and basted it Down.welt pocket placement 211
  4. Right sides of fabric together, I placed the top Pocke (bottom of Pocket bag facing up) on top of the basted flap and sewed along the seam line through both layers.
  5. Now I slashed bellow the top pocket and flap seam line and added the bottom pocket on the “bottom pocket seam line”.lommer
  6. After the pockets were sewn I pressed them to the inside sewed, them both to each other, to bottom and front of the tank. Eventually the bias tape I used to finish the edges of the top would cover these outer seams.The pressing down of the pocket is very important. First, I basted my pocket bags down to make sure the pockets and the fabric in the top draped well together. Ironing and looking at my “project” from the outside until they both looked good. When I was satisfied, I sewed them into the seam allowance.

Here you see the inside of the pink top after it was finnished:inni lommarosa lomme ferdig1




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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to sewing pockets on burdastyle wrap top

  1. Laurie says:

    Nice pockets! I think they look great! And the wrap tanks are pretty neat! 🙂

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