Lekala 4119. t-shirt. Getting ready for summer.

I am busy making summer clothes for my upcoming trip to the states. On 16 July, my husband and I are flying to LA CaliforniaJ. I am So much looking forward to this. It is our 25th wedding anniversary and this is our way of celebrating.

Ordering fabric over the internet can be “interesting”. When I received this IT jersey print, I wondered to myself if I could ever find a decent project for it. Something that would help me love it, even just a little?spraglete stoff
I have always preferred fabric that can make me feel calm and serene. Of course, I like a little touch of excitement, but This was a little too “exciting”. Just look at it, wouldn’t it spin your head?

line drawcoverLekala 4119 is a easy sewing pattern with only 3 parts. Front, back and waistband. I just finished constructing the pleated skirt for my Craftsy class and felt ready for an easy project. When I rummaged through my light jersey fabrics I felt the “gaudy”, “awful” fabric cry for me to “give it a chance”! OK, I would use it for the trial Version.

spraglet forranspraglet sideIt actually looks better as a top then when it was a “piece of fabric”. Still a little on the “wild side”, but maybe it is good for a sunny day?

I made two pink versions that I could wear with my skirt and one striped. I really like the pattern and will use it again.lysrosa sideforrangammelrosa forran gammelrosa bak

Sewing instructions are available for some of the lekala patterns at lekala.co, but I prefer to solve the Puzzle on my own. This one was very simple, but I decided I would share how I have done it in an upcoming post.


About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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5 Responses to Lekala 4119. t-shirt. Getting ready for summer.

  1. Unni :-) says:

    Synes den fargesprakende toppen vart tøff eg, Kristin!

  2. Anne W says:

    I think you’ve made that fabric work really well with that pattern. I’ve been after a cowl jersey pattern for a while, looks like the Lekala might be good to try! Cute pleated skirt too! 🙂

  3. Corina Kostreba says:

    I love the skirt print. The top looks great in that fabric.

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