Cleaning my iroon.


As you can tell by my last post, I am working on my daughters dress. The dress itself is actually finished, but I am working on some crisp white cuffs and collar that are a part of the set.

Of course, working With white, we don’t want any spots or stains, now do we???

When I was interfacing my fabric today, I found my iron was badly stained. I usually clean it by using fabric softener. (In Norway, you cannot buy dryer sheets). SO, I soak some toilet paper and wet a towel thoughrally and rub my iron against this surface, while pressing the steam button.


Here the stain is already gone from the iron, but you can see the messy surface I was working With, trying to get this thing cleaned. It Works, but wow, it can be so exhausting after a while.


Well, I was doing this, rubbing the iron back and forth thing. It seemed like I had done it a 1000 times. The stain was taking its good old time. In the end, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

When my pots in the Kitchen get badly stained, I usually take a piece of machine dishwashing detergent, put it in the pot with some water and let it boil. This gradually gets the stain of (I use a wooden spatula to scrub with).

I filled the pot With just enough water so it barely touched the bottom of my iron.

I filled the pot With just enough water so it barely touched the bottom of my Iron.

So, I decided I needed help and the pot solution was the best one I could come up with. I put loose bottom that belongs to my steam pressure in the bottom and filled the pot with just enough water that it would barely touch my iron (that I put in there). And would you believe it??? Afterwards I just washed the iron with clean water. My stain is gone and I am ready for sewing again.



About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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2 Responses to Cleaning my iroon.

  1. Sitting Bull says:

    Altså trudde autoclean skulle bety…. Håper det går bra med deg og dine ! Nydelig med “nytt ” strykejern !

    • sewingforfun says:

      Jo, den har vist noe slik funksjon også. Men, vell jeg har aldrig lært meg å bruke den skikkelig. Dessuten var det noe gøkk som satt fast under, og det tror jeg ikke hadde gått vekk frivillig!!! 🙂

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