My self made souvenir from Vikersund. Boiled wool jacket. Felted wool jacket. Kwik Sew 2993

“Da, da” ! Here it is. My very own souvenir “from the “Vikersund sewing shop”! (See my last post ).


I bought this fabric from that shop. I fell in love with the quality of the fabric. Even though it is a felted wool, there is also stretch in it. Not the bulkiest wool and even though I prewashed it, the fabric did not seem to shrink much.

I did not use the same pattern as was used on the jackets in the sewing shop. I prefer raglan or set in sleeves and I already have enough such patterns at home. So, I used my “beloved «and well used Kwik Sew 2993 “hoodie” pattern.


I have omitted any collar or neckband, only using a facing. Because I wanted to have a button up jacket I one inch /2.5 cm to the center front of the pattern.

In general, I have tried to make my jacket in the same type of style as the ones in the sewing shop. That means making things as simple as possible and leaving edges unfinished, because wool like this does not unravel.

You can see that simplicity in all the edges of the jacket. That means along the front and back facing,


the Pockets


along the peplum. The peplum is cut as a strip using my rotary cutter and pleated in place after the jacket was” fitted”.


Here is the center back of the peplum. It is placed flat on the edge of the jacket and sewn flat in placel

The layers between all facings are interfaced though. Otherwise, the wool would stretch out of shape and there would not be enough stability for buttonholes and buttons. The edges that have interfacing have rows of topstitching to keep everything in Place.


The sleeves are not “hemmed” or have any facing.


I LOVE this jacket, because it is so Nice and soft. The fabric has good stretch. I can even turn up my sleeves without it feeling bulky.



About sewingforfun

Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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