Costumes for “Lion king” part 1, school band

Because this is “Jungle January” I think this is a great time and Place to post about animal costumes.

In turn, three of my four children have played in our local School band. It is not large, but has a long tradition and resourceful parents behind it. In November 2015, they were planning to arrange the musical from Lion King.

gruppebilde alle

A group photo from a band and musician rehersal (not all the caracters or band members were present)

Here is a link to the band playing on facebook:

My neighbour "moms" :-)

My neighbour “moms” 🙂

sissel lunde





 A “fellow neighbor mom” asked me if I would help sew the costumes. I must admit that I hesitated at first, because I knew that would involve a lot of work. However, I am a “mom” (my youngest daughter Plays there) and because my “neighbor mom” was so dedicated to this work (I realized she really did need the help), I decided that I wanted to this.

My “neigbour mom” and her mom (who also still has her youngest daughter in the band) were driving forces in shaping the costumes.

They spent a lot of time and imagination solving this “costume problem” and I feel grateful to be “dragged along for the ride” :-).

At first they tried to buy as much as possible, but soon realized that it was not so easy to get the “right costumes in the right sizes” and with the “look” we wanted. Gradually we made most of the costumes ourselves.

My “neighbor Moms”worked together, creating what they call “simple costumes”. They used a childrens hat,  instructions from “you tube , and a lot of creativity shaping them.

Still, as most of you sewers would know “simple isn’t always SO SIMPLE” and a “easy projects” have a tendency to become a “lot of work” and maybe not so simple after all!!! Many of the animals wore leggings and a fitted top, with detailed costume pieces on top.

All the “small animals” had a hat, tail and some facial paint as details. This worked well, look at this “lot”, aren’t they cute? IMG_1954 IMG_1954IMG_1955IMG_0427 (002)

The two giraffe costumes are the only costumes fully “bought”. They were just perfect.



Making Rafki’s costume was a bit trickey. Mostley because it is difficult to get a hold of  fur that is “as thin as possible” and it wasn’t  easy to sew in one piece. The solution was making a fitted jersey hat and hair/beard” as separate parts. It might not be the “cooleste” (as in not warm :-)), but it worked and it was easy to use.IMG_0405

Zazu was a colorful addition in the play. This video from “You Tube ” was a great help in shaping him. Still, gluing must have seemed a much to “simple solution” to my neighbors. They sewed all the details in the costume and it looked great!



They actually made one more costume, but I will tell you about in my next post where I also will Write about the costumes I made.


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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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