2. the costumes I made for “lion king”, school band

Finally here comes the review on the outfits I made 🙂 Part 2

a group photo  from a band and musician rehersal (not all the caracters were present)

a group photo from a band and musician rehersal (not all the caracters were present)

For most of the otfits I used  McCalls 5956.

McCalls 5956

McCalls 5956

















Scar wore a wig and his ears were sewn on. He also had a black “mane arround his neck, hangig like a triangle in the front and back. The neck was finnished with a stretch ribbing.


Zimbas hair and beard are really a ready purchased prop for a “dog outfit”, his ears are sewn on.

Here you can see Mufasa/adult zimba, Scar, the child Zimba, 






Nala, timon and Pumba.
IMG_0425 IMG_0426








The end of a lions tail

all the lion outfits were made from a woven cotton velvet with stretch,  while Timone and Pumba’s outfits were sewn in a sturdy Micro fleece. All the hats are also lined,giving them more support.

The back of the hyena ears

The back of the hyena ears are made from fake leather, while the insides are made from  a marbeled, woven  cotton)

hyene bak






I used fake fur and a fake leather fabric for details.


The last thing I  made were three hyena outfits using ready to wear jersey tops. The white “draw strings” were too visible, so they were omitted in the end.

A hyena outfit

A hyena outfit

The back of the hyena ears

The back of the hyena ears






Pattern FIT:

If you read other reviews on McCalls 5956 at (http://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/31521 ), you will find that it is quite “baggy”. For the first couple of costumes I used the sizes based on McCall’s sizing chart. I agree with earlier reviews. It is baggy, especially around the neck and bust area. Over the bust that is not a big problem if your fabric is relatively thin. However, as you work your way into heavier fabrics it becomes a problem. To compensate for the “really baggy” neck area and bodice, I gathered it and added a “neck-band” with the desired neck width to them.  This worked well.  I also prefer having a band around the ankles and the wrists.

when I started to sew Timone and Pumba from micro fleece I altered the pattern, making it narrower. I downsized it by at least one size compared to the smallest pattern size (widthwise). This was much better. I also used the downsized version when making Nala and “the child Zimba”.

I  made several changes to the “hat part”. The back section I moved further back and “on the top” I extended it all the way to the forehead).mønstertemplate lue mod The ears I placed wherever I deemed necessary for that costume (by making a small incision and sewing on the inside. the lining in the hat helps support the ears.  It is also a good idea to understitch the lining, because it helps keep everything in place.

The most comfortable costumes I am sure were the ones made from the cotton velour. They were relatively thin and draped nicely.  The fleece of course is a bit warm, but was very nice and sturdy.


As I gained confidents and experience with the pattern, I naturally was more satisfied with the results.


Overall, I was happy with the finnished  costumes. Still, I did not feel that Timone was quite complete because he was missing the stripes on his back. In the end, after the costumes were finished, my sweet “fellow mom” glued the black stripes to the back of Timones outfit, making it more pleasing both the actors and me. IMG_1958

Together they also made a fourth hyena outfit.


Some more photo’s:






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2 Responses to 2. the costumes I made for “lion king”, school band

  1. Impressive! That was a lot of work! They all look great!

    • sewingforfun says:

      Thank you 🙂 Yes it was a lot of work, but in the end it was also very rewarding. To see all those young people up there feeling good about their costumes, I think I must of been one of the most content people in the audience 🙂

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