Our School bands Christmas lottery

Now that I have started writing about our school band, I might as well continue.

It is still jungle january, so I will show you the animals I made first :-). Four little bairs! Arent they cute? The pattern is a free sewing pattern from sewingpatterns.com gratis bamsemønsterDSC_0432







One week after the band was finished with the musical “Lion King”, they had their yearly lottery. This is a tradition every year. Parents of the musicians are to bring one prize each. They can buy things to bring, but they are incouraged to make gifts themselves.DSC_0428


At present, the band is very small; this does not yield many prizes. Therefore, people can donate things. The handmade theme of the prizes are stressed. This is something the community and culture around us supports, and people are usually very willing to buy tickets from the  musicians when they prior to the lottery  go from door to door selling tickets.  Some people who don’t have relatives in the band will for example knit a sweater and donate it.

Still, we do have the need to mass-produce something. It is not easy to live up to the high standards and expectations the people in our area have to this (as the Norwegians call it) “basar”.  They might even feel let down if the tables are not full of prizes.

sissel lunde


My closest “neighbor mom” has for many years arranged meets where parents can help make things that will be prizes.

However, this past year there was only a small group of parents gathered. My neighbor mass produces runners
with free motion quilting and applique, makes decorative pillows, little mice, angles, Santa’s or other cute objects. I dare to say that without her the lottery would no longer exist. Here are some of the prizes she has made:


Table runners


advent calender























voksenbord gevinstervoksenbord - CopyOf course, I have always donated something for this event. I have been a “mom” of the
school band for many years and that is a commitment. But the last three years I have mass produced things like aprons, bibs etc.barn nisseforklebarneforkle




I always make a mix of childrens and adult aprons.
IMG_9568lite barn og nissemor
In the past I have made things like a princess costume for a little girl and her doll (I added a  tiara for both the girl and doll), little girls dresses, outfits for children in general and of course this past year I had to make a children’s lion costume. Regrettably I did not take a close up photo of it before it was “raffled away”, but I do have some general photos of the prizes, and in the photo bellow you can actually see the lion outfit (and a couple of the dresses I made).DSC_0430


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Have four children, am a nurse. Am presently at home during the days. Have been sewing since I was little, and I enjoy it.
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