Kwik sew 3352 and vest from shape shape 2 (by Natsuno Hiraiwa and Hiraiwa Natsuno)

This year my husband turned 50 and our youngest daughter had her 15th birthday. Here in Norway there is a very strong tradition of having “confirmation” for the 15 year olds. Originally this was tied humanistic groups (and others) have created their own ceremonies where the teenagers learn about important things in life and entering the “adult world”. Because we are not members of the Lutheran church and because we do not affiliate ourselves with any non-Christian organizations (we are Christian) we have chosen to just celebrate our children “growing up” with a family birthday party. Combining my husband reaching the ripe age of 50 and my daughter “growing up” we have had a combined party for both of them. All of my husband’s siblings, their family’s and my father in law were there (My family are mostly in the United States).



For such a occasion I wanted to make a “special outfit” for myself. A friend brought me back some nice silk from Vietnam last year and I now had a great opportunity to use it. I made a skirt with Kwik Sew 3352  .

kwik sew 3352

.shape shape2

and a vest using a pattern from “Shape Shape 2” (by Natsuno Hiraiwa and Hiraiwa Natsuno).

The skirt has almost a “bell like shape”.skjørt forranskjørtbak

I was a bit skeptical at first, but have decided that I really like it. I might make it up later in a soft drapy fabric (the silk is a bit stiffer).

Here I am With some of the flowers from the party.

Here I am With some of the flowers from the party.

I like the combination of the simple vest in a Japanese style with the skirt. After making the skirt I really didn’t have enough fabric to make the vest, so I adjusted the pattern by shortening it (I don’t need it so long anyway).

vest shapeshape2.vest shapeshape2 bak

I made it as long as I could with the fabric that was available to me and I am pleased. It was simple and fun to make.forran

So here you go fobak


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simplicity 1799

As I mentioned in my last post I have worked a lot on pattern fitting and princess seams lately. While doing this I have spent a lot of time with simplicity 1799.


I think it has a lot of interesting details and fun options. I previously made a dress With this pattern for my daughter in Law . And now, finally I have a dress like this for me.



I think that one of the most important Things when working With princess seam patterns is getting the bust point placed correctly. that is having the right bust size, distance between bust Points and getting the bust point placed at the correct height. I think that I am getting the hang of how to get the bust size and distance between the bust Points right. My greatest challenge while working With this pattern has been lengthening the top side parts and getting the bust Points at the right Place vertically.

To get the right fit I have lengthened the side top parts (both front and back), and lowered the bust point by about 1 inch/2.5 cm.

At first I only lowered the bust point area in the side front pattern piece, but after sewing it up, I decided I needed to give the middle top pattern piece the same treatment, and it worked, My results were much better.

I made this dress With a spandex Cotton jeans looking fabric. It is very light weight and comfortable. I have topstitched many of the vertical seams and I think that suits the pattern. In these Pictures I have not added the decorative buttons, but I plan on doing so at a later date.

nærforranto give the “slanted” under bust side parts the support they needed to hold the topstitching well I sewed micro fleece to the back of these pieces and then trimmed away the excess where they were not needed (after the decorative seams had been sewn).

ekstra nærforranI have actually made this dress up Three times before getting it right. Now I am happy. I feel well about wearing it. I don’t think anyone would think there was anything wrong With it. Still, there is still a small bulging tendency at the very top of the side front pieces. I am not sure how to deal With that, but it is not very evident in real life unless I point it out. So I will wear the dress, but would be very happy for any advice on the matter.


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simplicity 2917, strawberry dress

I LOVE strawberries.

strawbery – KopiThey make my mouth water just thinking about them. Strawberry smoothie, strawberries and ice cream, just strawberries, yumJ!!!

Recently on one of my fabric store visits I came across this fabric. jordbær

NO, I DID NOT NEED IT, I have more fabrics then I probably ever will need. But oh, I LOVED IT. I was behaving like a good girl and only bought the things I had come for. But afterwards I told my husband about my “fabric love” . He understood that despite my apprehension and reasons not to get it, I really did “HAVE A NEED FOR IT”!!!! So he picked up 2 ½ meters on the way home from work. The love of my life, him (and the strawberries).

Lately I have focused especially on fitting issues with princess seam sewing patterns. I really want to get good at addressing fit issues over the bust. “Adjust the bust” a sewing class on (with Kathleen Cheetham) has been of great help. I am making progress and am feeling better and better about getting these patterns right.

I chose to use simplicity 2917cover29.06

I have altered the neck, making it round, shortened the skirt, added small pockets and dropped the bust point by about 1 inch/2.5 cm.

Now I have a nice summer “tunic”/dress and it is perfect for this season and everyday use.sykkelside2bakforran

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Lekala 4161 and self drafted skirt ,Summer clothes for a Norwegian summer:

tegningAs always I LOVE JERSEY. TOO comfotable to pass up. I made this happy set for summer 🙂forranDSC_0145


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Cropped Sweatshirt Jacket 3/2011 #121, Burdastyle

Cropped Sweatshirt Jacket linjetegning modell med jakke

A jacket with a collar and lapels has a more dressy appearance then a “hoodies”. I also happen to love short jackets, so when I saw this cropped jersey jacket from Burdastyle I knew I HAD TO MAKE IT!!!Kristin in red 4

The jacket has large sew in snaps for closure.

trykk knapper

Instead of making a regular “lining”, as this pattern suggests, I underlined it (the bodice only). Mostly because I am far from home right now and don’t have a lot of fabrics to choose from. But it turned out great and I know this is a jacket I will love to wear.

Kristin in red 1

Kristin in red 3

I made the skirt at easter when my family visited our cabin. It is simply made using the skirt part of my daughters dress pattern A dress pattern can be used in many ways.

Kristin in red 5

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simplicity 1799, a dress for my daughter in law

coverillustrasjon 2


I finally finnished a dress for my daughter in Law. I used simplicity 1799 view A and I am happy With the results 🙂 Look at this great girl!!




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simplicity 1799, making a muslin

Quite a while back, I started making my daughter in Law a dress. My plan was to make her a dress and matching jacket. Well, somehow I lost the dress just before it was finished and the Project sort of was “forgotten”. (I have no idea where it went to. Maybe it got lost on my trip to Bergen back then, how do you loose a dress?).

Until today 🙂 I spent the day making a muslin of simplicity 1799.


illustrasjon 2

I have had this pattern for a long time and finally; I have rediscovered why I bought it. It has great design lines and wonderful details. I am actually making a Version of view A right now, but I can see endless possibilities With this pattern. Can you imagine a nice silk vesion of view B?

Here is my wonderful daughter in Law testing her “mock up  dress” 🙂

prøvekjole1prøvekjole side

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