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My “swap fabric”, jungle january, pyjama pants,

Today is the last day of «Jungle January» and my daughter has been reminding me that I need to post my swap project before it’s too late. She put her pajama pants over her shoulder and kept asking me what … Continue reading

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Our School bands Christmas lottery

Now that I have started writing about our school band, I might as well continue. It is still jungle january, so I will show you the animals I made first :-). Four little bairs! Arent they cute? The pattern is … Continue reading

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2. the costumes I made for “lion king”, school band

Finally here comes the review on the outfits I made 🙂 Part 2 For most of the otfits I used  McCalls 5956.                               Here you can … Continue reading

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Costumes for “Lion king” part 1, school band

Because this is “Jungle January” I think this is a great time and Place to post about animal costumes. In turn, three of my four children have played in our local School band. It is not large, but has a long tradition and … Continue reading

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Sewing is the solution to EVERYTHING! Sewing ripped tea bag.

Some times I laugh at myself and how I solve small problems in life. Like when I use the sewing machine to create miniature bags (that I cut appart) , sewing paper together or like now, fixing my tea bag. … Continue reading

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